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Satellite Audio and Data Systems Innovation

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SatStream Systems Corp

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Welcome to SatStream

Our mission is to provide the tools to move data, voice and audio via satellite with efficiency and reliability using the latest highly integrated technology. Our product line covers the range from very slow data at 2400 bits per second through CD quality stereo audio and high speed data applications. We support an alphabet soup of modulation schemes and protocols including FSK, BPSK, QPSK, DVB, MPEG and others. Many options are available to best fit your specific communications needs.

If the listed options do not meet your needs we are able and willing to provide special features that will make your supplier choice very simple.

If you see what you need, contact us today.

If you donít see what you need, tell us about your needs and we will suggest a solution or another provider. For special designs or consulting, click HERE

SatStream Systems CORPORATION

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